Deep Water Web

30 September 2016 | Deep Water Web | Furtherfield | ClojureScript | Reagent

Furtherfield presents Deep Water Web, a collaboration between artists Steven Ball (London, UK) and John Conomos (Sydney, Australia).

Deep Water Web is a poetic essayistic meditation around phenomena straddling contemporary and historical geopolitical contexts of the UK and Australia; a continuous hyperlandscape, an environment composed from local manifestations of global ecologies, between points in the northern and southern hemispheres in the UK and Australia, online and in the physical space of Furtherfield Gallery.

The site is here.

Our involvement was largely technical: some effort on the video streaming (Docker, GStreamer)—a prototype discarded in favour of an off-the-peg subscription service—and a pile of CSS 3D animated via ClojureScript and Reagent:

Deep Water Web runs until October 30th. More information here.

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