Max Interface Design in Javascript

24 October 2020 | Javascript | Max/MSP | Music Hackspace

Another workshop for Music Hackspace, October 31st.

In this workshop we’ll look at scripting techniques for changing the appearance and behaviour of Max patchers, and the use of Javascript graphics to build new types of on-screen displays and controls.

Max contains an embedded Javascript engine which can be used to control aspects of Max from a textual language, providing more power and versatility than the default click-and-drag graphical interface which Max programmers are used to. The Javascript engine also has an embedded graphics system, allowing totally new and innovative interface elements to be created and embedded into the familiar Max world.


  • Max
  • Javascript
  • Patchers and scripting
  • Graphics libraries


  • Difficulty level: intermediate
  • A good working knowledge of Max is expected
  • Some familiarity with textual programming languages and graphics programming would be useful, but not required

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