Minute Cube 10

Project: Minute Cubes

07 January 2021 | Podcast | Music | Minute Cubes | Solandra | Gatsby

Minute Cube 10 is done, which brings us up to an hour of music in sixty one-minute tracks.

Full track list with players for all ten cubes is here.

Every cube has a unique artwork theme for the six images; this is the first cube with true code-driven artwork (although CUBE 09 had imagery that was software-generated). The artwork here is generated in Solandra, which can be thought of as an up-market p5.js with functional structuring and a high-level drawing API. It’s also TypeScript-compatible, if you’re happy to wheel in the whole Gatsby environment to get that working. Downside: that’s all a bit complicated and takes time and effort to get in the air. Upside: it’s a nice system, supports hot-loading of code and page content, and if you edit in Visual Studio Code you even get editor-level semantic checking. It could be time to jump ship from Jekyll for this site.

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