Blue Ghost

Blue Ghost

“How do we shed light on the seemingly unseen?”

About Blue Ghost

Blue Ghost is an intermittent nocturne in which old and new intertwine in fleeting synchrony.

This multidisciplinary production explores three levels of interdependency and connection - the individual, the society and the ecosystem - to reflect a complex and fragile world whose reality we most often fail to notice. A visual, dynamic and electric exploration into the light and dark of our natural world, Dotdotdot Dance’s new production reflects on the importance of conservation for our future, drawing our attention to the unexpected beauty and rhythm harboured in the insect world. Inspired by the Blue Ghost Firefly, the production is a nostalgic celebration that builds a tangible landscape through a meeting of flamenco dance (Dotdotdot), flamenco music (Liam Howarth/Hofesh Schecter, Biennial de Sevilla), live electronic music and sound compositions (Nick Rothwell, Cassiel/Wayne McGregor, Jeyasingh Dance) and contemporary choreography and dance (Laura Lorenzi/Quang Kien Van, Natalia Iwianec).

Dotdotdot Dance is collaborating with leading Insect Conservation charities Buglife UK & Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation

Creative Team

  • Artistic Direction, Concept, Choreography & Dance: Magdalena Mannion & Noemí Luz
  • Contemporary Choreography & Dance: Laura Lorenzi
  • Original EDM Composition & Sound Design: Nick Rothwell (Cassiel)
  • Original Flamenco Composition & Guitar: Liam Howarth
  • Voice: Tremendo Hijo
  • Programming: Sarah Trist Dance Management Agency
  • Images: Juan Carlos Rodríguez
  • Promotional Video: @la.sinetiquetas

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