Holohedron goes Native

Project: Cosmoscope

04 July 2017 | Cosmoscope | ClojureScript | three.js | Emscripten | Karsten Schmidt | Lumiere

We’re making progress modelling the Holohedron (the physical artifact of the Cosmoscope project) in three.js. While it’s been running fairly well so far in pure ClojureScript, the requirements down the line to build metaphors of physical phenomena—atomic lattices, blood flow, galactic evolution—mean that we need to ramp up the performance, and implement the lower-level geometric and emergent algorithms in an efficient, iterative manner. Therefore, we’ve rolled in linkage to Emscripten, so that we can write “native” code in C and link it painlessly (well, almost painlessly) into Clojure.

For a how-to guide, see this write-up by Karsten Schmidt of a workshop from last year, specifically the last project.

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