Patching the Web

09 July 2020 | Javascript | Node.js | Max/MSP | Music Hackspace

Another Music Hackspace workshop on Max and Node.js: Patching the Web.

Difficulty level: intermediate.

Javascript is the glue of the Internet, the universal language that runs in billions of web browsers and networked systems across the world. Max’s Node support connects the Max program into the ecosystem of Node.js, a Javascript engine which can network, talk to hardware, connect to databases, run sophisticated web servers, and much more.

In this workshop we’ll look at connecting Max to web browsers, and explore techniques for routing information and gestures back and forth between Max patchers and dynamic web pages, opening the door to networked or hybrid interfaces taking advantage of both the Max and the web world.


  • Max
  • Javascript
  • Web technologies


A good working knowledge of Max is expected. Some familiarity with textual programming languages and web technologies (HTML, CSS) would be useful, but not required.

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