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Project: Khyal Geometries

03 September 2020 | Khyal Geometries | Bitwig | Max/MSP | Gig

A new, post-Covid outing for Khyal Geometries in Tübingen on Saturday. Venue: Schlachthaus, Schlachthausstraße 9, 72074 Tübingen.

Official web site here.

Eventbrite link here. (Ticketed only: keine Abendkasse.)

There will apparently be online access to the event as well.

Technologically a slight shift from last year’s setup: not so much live coding, more a shift into DAW territory with Bitwig Studio hosting, plus custom performance setup with Max and Mira. This follows the usual pattern of projects alternating back and forth between code-based and environment-based. In this case we need Bitwig’s modular environment as well.

Also: expect custom visuals.

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